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Italian through Architecture

The course analyses the artistic and architectural testimonies of the city, which, more than any other in the world, is a veritable open-air museum: Rome.

From 753 A.D. up until today: via walks and colour slides, students learn about “visible” architecture (buildings, churches and park) as well as “invisible” architecture, made up of priceless empty urban places: the most beautiful squares in the world. We will trace the lives and works of the most important architects of the past and present who have left indelible marks on the lives of Roman people: we will talk about ancient history, medieval history, the Renaissance, the Baroque period and the contemporary period. The various architectural styles will be compared and each student, using the tools they prefer, will choose a monument, an area, a church, or a building to produce a little photographic and theoretical research about it.

This course is quite compatible with some Italian Language Courses.

Course information:

Minimum age: 16

Group size: 1-5

Levels: A2+

N°. of weeks: 2

Lessons per week: 15

Course Timetable:

From Monday to Friday; 15.00-17.30 (with 15 minutes break)

Course fees

Course fee includes:

15 lessons/week and all materials

Enrolment fee:

€ 85. Payable once only, on enrolment; valid for all courses and programmes for 12 months. Enrolment fee includes all reception services (accommodation placement, certificates, etc.), use of school facilities, insurance for all activities organized by the school, seminars and social activities ( except dinners, concerts, operas, visits and excursions).

Course Fee:

€ 950

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