Italian language school and courses in Italy

General Italian

Group courses, Small groups, Individual lessons. These courses will help you to learn and improve Italian language skills in the core areas of speaking, listening, reading and writing.


Italian through Art & Culture

Discovering Rome, Italian through Architecture, Italian through Italian Cooking and more. These courses, focused on Italian Art and Culture, give students the opportunity to learn and improve Italian in a creative and stimulating way.

Italian through Italian Cooking

The course caters for all those students who intend attending a training course for chefs or a course of specialisation in Italian Cuisine, and who need adequate language preparation. The course is also recommended for those students who - whatever their job or occupation may be - want to get to know better this fascinating aspect of Italian culture.

Business Italian

Particularly suitable for people who need to use Italian at work, this course aims to develop effective communication skills at work and in business.


Exam Preparation

Preparation courses for the CILS, CELI and IT exams run by the Universities of Siena, Perugia and Roma Tre. Particularly suitable for those who need practice with specific exam procedures.

Academic Year Programme

Long term programmes for those who are interested not only in the language, but also Italian art and culture, offering the possibility to live an "Italian experience".


Internship Programme

A programme that combines the study of the Italian language with unpaid work experience in an Italian company.

Italian + A Taste of Italian Culture

An excellent way of combining language study with a personal experience and a better understanding of some aspects of Italian life and culture. Just choose which subject you prefer. It's both fun and educational!


Rome for 50+

Exclusively designed for people over 50, this course is intended for people who would like to combine language learning with the pleasure of staying with others enjoying the "Italian way of life".

What Students say about us

" One of the best choice that I made! If you would like to learn Italian by love, by living it's culture, listening it' s music and even using your hands like an Italian, you are in the right place. I am here about 8 months, starting from the first day I am happy to learn my favourite language in the atmosphere which is friendly and full of love. " continue