Dilit Italian School

Online reading club

For book lovers, six meetings  to talk exclusively about contemporary Italian literature in the comfort of your homes. With other students and under the guidance of a native teacher, students will study in depth authors and readings chosen by the teacher and analyise linguistic elements present in the text.

For intermediate and advanced level students

Lessons are available on Zoom App

A lesson hour lasts 45 minutes.

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Course information:

Minimum age: 20

Group size: 3-6

Levels: B1

N°. of weeks: 6

Lessons per week: 2

2 lessons a week, once a week

NO REGISTRATION FEE on online courses

Course Timetable:

Monday from 6.00 p.m to 7.30 p.m

Course fees

Course fee includes:

2 lessons per week, once a week

NO ENROLMENT FEE on online courses

Enrolment fee:

€ 80. Payable once only, on enrolment; valid for all courses and programmes (except Internship Programme = € 130) for 12 months. Enrolment fee includes all reception services (accommodation placement, certificates, etc.), use of school facilities, insurance for all activities organized by the school, seminars and social activities ( except dinners, concerts, operas, visits and excursions).

Course Fee:

€ 250

Test your level

This course requires a specific minimum language level. If you have doubts or if you want to know your level you can do a test online here.

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