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Natalia Baffatto, Brasil

"My name is Natalia Baffatto, from Brasil, I am 23 years old and I was at DILIT to improve my Italian. It was a beautiful experience, I will always remember it. It was really warm in Rome, it was spring. It was great to have lessons with the windows open and a lot of sun!! My teacher was Giuliano and he was great. We went on a little trip to Frascati, near Rome. It was fantastic and I have wonderful memories of this trip: a very good lunch and a delicious ice-cream...I also miss Termini train station because I passed through there every time I went to school. The best thing was going to Trastevere for dinner after school, meeting new friends, eating very well and, in the evening, seeing the Basilica of Saint Peter under the stars next to my room. This is my Rome, my eternal Rome. Thanks to all those who have made this experience unforgettable."

Thando Manase, South Africa

"My name is Thando Manase and I am a South African student who had taken, for the first time, a three month course in Dilit. My experience was amazing because I enjoyed the international cultural diversity that was present throughout the whole school. I found the teaching method to be excellent because I knew not a single word of Italian "niente!" and towards the end of my course I went from beginner to level A2. At that point I was speaking and writing Italian to my friends at Dilit. The activities were fun because they had a unique way to combine learning Italian and having fun. Overall it was a magnificent experience of my life and I would highly recommend anyone who wants to learn Italian for the first time to go to this international school.

Peter Lancefield, UK

"I am a retired Foreign Service officer and over the past five years I have done 13 months of overseas language learning in 15 different schools. Of all those schools I would say the DILIT school in Rome is the gold standard. DILIT is obviously very special. They have developed a dynamic, inter-active teaching method through which learning is effective, fun and never boring. The social program is active and interesting. I love their garden cafe. It's very Italian. Both the garden and the social program are great ways to meet your fellow students and have a fun social life (hopefully in Italian!)."

Gunnur Ozcelik, Turkey

"One of the best choice that I made!
If you would like to learn Italian by love, by living it's culture, listening it' s music and even using your hands like an Italian, you are in the right place. I am here about 8 months, starting from the first day I am happy to learn my favourite language in the atmosphere which is friendly and full of love.
Thank you the family of Dilit which has brought me unforgettable memories and friendships from all around the world!!!"

Gordon Harris, Australia

"My name is Gordon Harris, and I am an Australian student. I recently studied at the DILIT for two months.
The DILIT is like a small multicultural village of people from countries all over the world. But communication there is not a problem. It is common to converse in Italian with students from Japan, Korea, Brazil, Sweden, France, Syria, Germany and other countries. I have studied elsewhere in the past and by comparison, I found the quality of Italian spoken by students at the DILIT is of a particularly high standard.
The style of teaching adopted uniformly by teachers of the DILIT encourages students to assume responsibility for their own learning. It is very exciting to observe the progress of one's friends as they improve their linguistic skills.
International House, home of the DILIT, is found less than five minutes' walk from Stazione Termini, a major transport hub for various modes of transport from most parts of the city. So the journey to the DILIT is very convenient wherever one lives in Rome.
Apart from the fact that it is the departure/arrival point connecting Rome to all parts of Italy and Europe, Termini is also an ideal place for all types of shopping, for dining or just for meeting friends for a cappuccino. It is an important focal point in the city, and the DILIT is located close by.
Rome is, without doubt, one of the most interesting cities in the world to visit. But to live there for two months or more is an awesome experience. Its history is legendary; in fact, it is possible to visit places of interest during every free moment and still not see everything. It is indeed a city to revisit, over and over.
Yes, I am a devotee. Therefore, I have no hesitation in recommending the DILIT in Rome as the "go to" language school. My ability to speak in Italian is so much better after my time there and I have learned so much by living in this splendid city. I cannot wait to return, to Rome and to the DILIT."

Voronina Olesya, Russia

"Do you like Italy the same way as I love it? Then you would also like to speak Italian. Thanks to DILIT I can say that to learn language could be fan. As for me DILIT is not only a school, but also a kind of club for people who share the same interest. What I like the most is that both the students and the teachers enjoy the lessons. So much so you don't want to go home after school because you like to continue learning in the afternoon walking around Rome or cooking, or tasting Italian wines with the teachers and the new friends of school. DILIT is the place I'd like to return to."

Jesper Baeck, Sweden

"I wanted to improve my italian and I wanted to do it in Italy so I could use it and practice it every day. Since I'm a big fan of AS Roma, romanista and I love the city; I decided that Rome would be the perfect place for me to do it. I found Dilit online and applied for four weeks of Italian studies. A decision a never regretted. My time here at the school has definitely exceeded my expectations. Everyone that works at the school have contributed to make this a great experience, which even led me to extend by three more weeks. I've had two different teachers during these seven weeks and both of them made the learning easy, interesting and even fun. The learning is easygoing and undemanding but at the same time rewarding and you want to learn. I even looked forward to going to school, which to be honest, hasn't happened to many times before. I've definitely improved my Italian, met a lot of interesting people, made new friends, discovered the city in a new way and I'm really happy that I took the chance to go study at Dilit. If I could do all over again, I would, without a doubt."

Jan Nehring, Switzerland

"I am highly pleased with the language course at the Dilit School: the teachers are excellent and there are courses for every level. In addition to that your individual wishes are taken into account. The atmosphere is cordial and friendly, I felt very much at ease during my stay. In the afternoon, and sometimes on the weekend, the Dilit School proposes various activities such as excursions within Rome or seminars about Italian cuisine or wine which give you the opportunity to discover historical, cultural or social aspects of Italy. I can strongly recommend the Dilit School to everyone."

Kirsten Greve, Denmark

"I have been at DILIT language school four times. First time for two weeks, then for three weeks.
It is clear that my four stays in Rome gave me a lot. DILIT school offers the possibility to learn Italian really well. The students have to speak and work together using the Italian language. Therefore they are always at the centre of the teaching process where the priorities are conversation and grammar, together with a taste of Italian lifestyle and society.
I have always admired the teaching methods of the school, the enthusiasm and energy of the teachers who follow this method of teaching using also internet and smartboards. Apart from the language courses the teachers organize trips and walking tours to visit the historical Rome and other places not normally visited by tourists. In the afternoon, students can participate in seminars about different subjects: linguistics, Italian "design", gastronomy, Italian wines, films ecc. This gives you the possibility to spend your free time and at the same time improve your Italian. Furthermore, the school offers the possibility to participate in the life of an Italian family by staying with them. I always stayed with the same family and we have became real friends. I also have to say that from my experience at DILIT young people and not so young people get on well together. There is always a mutual respect both during the lessons, and in the nice bar where students and teachers can eat together.
Con un saluto affettuoso,
Kirsten Greve, Danimarca."

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