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Writing a diary in Italian

Learning to speak Italian fast and having fun is possible also as far as writing is concerned. This is an introduction to an activity which  originated  here at Dilit from an idea of our teacher Letizia. If you practice regularly, you can get interesting results in terms of  writing ability in Italian and the correctness of what you are writing.

Things you need to write a diary in Italian:

  1. a notebook or a folder on your computer desktop
  2. time, which could be even only 10/15 minutes, to write in your Italian Diary, at least 3 times a week: a little but often.

What can you write?

It’s easy: Italian Diary. Therefore,  write the same way you write your own  diary: what you have done during the day, a particular event, people you have met, things you have talked about…or a thought, a dream, a project, a movie you have seen, a book you are reading, … or any other thing you would write in a diary in your own tongue. The more you get familiar with  the  Italian writer in you, the more ideas will pop up spontaneously.

Very Important!!!!!! While you are writing, keep in mind more  about  conveying  your ideas, rather than grammatical correctness,  which  you can think about  later.

Let’s imagine that the first day of writing is May 1:

  • May 1: writing;
  • May 1: writing;
  • May 1: writing;
  • etc. etc. and after a month of writing;
  • June 1: writing and May 1 diary's review;
  • June 3: writing and May 3 diary's review;
  • June 7: writing and May 7 diary's review;
  • And so on writing and review.


What we mean by "review"?

After a month of practicing Italian writing, go back to the previous productions (as in the framework). Take the diary of a certain day and read over and over what you have written. Take your time, slowly, word by word.

How can I know that something is not right if my teacher is not there?

  1. Focus carefully during the reading and if a point or a word  doesn't  sound right, even though you really don’t know why, stop.
  2. Check the spelling of that word in your dictionary or check in your grammar book how a certain verb is conjugated. So you can find a solution to your doubts. You can read the articles which I wrote in this section  How to learn Italian about online dictionaries and grammar.

Notice! Review with lightness serenity continuity. You are doing yourself some good.


For how long should you go on writing?

We have seen clear results after three months at least. Do it yourself to see solid results.

Good writing!!!

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